COLUMN: The Return of Downtown Huntington

by David "Alligator" Williams
COLUMN: The Return of Downtown Huntington
Photo by Glen Berry

A strong Huntington requires a strong core or downtown.  Much time, energy,and money has been invested into revitalizing Downtown Huntington.
The success of Pullman Square, the growth of Marshall University, the emergence of The Shops at Heritage Station, the addition of new businesses along 4th Avenue along with efforts by such groups as Savor Huntington, Create Huntington, Downtown Business Partners, and other groups have helped strengthen Downtown Huntington. This video illustrates the energy that is alive in Downtown Huntington.

 Now, what Downtown  Huntington needs to become the busy business hub it was in the 60s and 70s is more shoppers. The reasons citizens should patronize local businesses should be quite obvious.  When money is spent within city limits the sales tax goes back into the city of Huntington to make it a stronger city. The businesses also pay B+0 taxes that strengthen the city as well.
When businesses are successful they are more likely to expand and add more jobs and more companies will see the profitably and come into the area bringing more jobs and more tax revenue.
Local specialty shops add product diversity, local flavor, and pull shoppers in from other areas to buy products they cannot buy anywhere else. Stores like The Bottle and Wedge, The Wild Ramp, and The River and Rail help fill niches that big box stores and malls do not address.
The Keith-Albee Performing Arts was the perfect location to usher in "The Mayor Steve Era" as Steve Williams mayoral inauguration was held there. The Keith-Albee is a historic building and it's re emergence-- is symbolic of Downtown Huntington's return to prominence.
The more activities that our downtown offers, the more likely we will be able to bring more people to live in Huntington and to retain some of our talented youth who often leave our area to go to cities that offer more things to do.
The key to Huntington's growth is the strength of it's downtown. The more Downtown Huntington prospers the more Huntington prospers as a whole.

  So please remember the fine assortment of dining options of Downtown Huntington when eating out. Also remember the wide range of products offered downtown before heading to big box stores located outside of city limits.
 Hard work, time, and energy has been invested into making Downtown Huntington an attractive shopping district. The necessary ingredient missing now is more shoppers, let's take pride in our community and essentially help ourselves. This is my city, this is your city: this is our Huntington. 

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