Murder and Merriment Announces January Mysteries

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Murder and Merriment Announces January Mysteries
Photo by Murder & Merriment
Murder and Merriment kicks off the New Year with a slate full of murder and mayhem. After October, January has historically been the busiest month for murder parties, and this year is no exception. The South Charleston Chamber of Commerce begins the season with a fund raiser to benefit the Chamber. “The Butler Didn’t Do It!” will begin at 7pm at the Comedy Zone located in the South Charleston Holiday Inn. Reservations are required for this murder mystery dinner theatre and can be made by calling 304.744.0051 or going on-line to:


The story features a private party given by eccentric and reclusive millionaire, Jet Harrison. Jet is an aviation engineer and is revealing his new fighter plane – the Viper X.  But there are those who want to crash the party as well as the plane! The cast includes: George R. Snider III, Sheila Jarrett, Kevin Michael Pauley, Kendra Egnor, Norman Clerc, Ashley Bond, Tony Spurlock, Mandy Petry, and Jane Modlin as Detective Jennifer Fletcher.

 The company travels west and up the river to Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio the following night to perform “Marriage, Mob, & Murder!”  It’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Mafia style. The Development Foundation at Shawnee is hosting this open party as a fund raiser for departmental program support, faculty development support in the form of research and writing subsidies, and funds for visiting scholars and lecturers are all vital to the development of the faculty at Shawnee State University. It’s the Wedding of the Year! Unfortunately, the groom-to-be’s body has been found riddled with bullets minutes before the wedding and now the two Mob Families try to make sense of the bloodshed.

The murder party will be held in the Sodexo Ballroom in the University Center on campus and will begin promptly at 7pm. Your invitation to the wedding can be had by calling 740.351.3182. Reservations are required for this elaborate Italian Wedding Reception and murder mystery. Appearing that night are: Kat Bryant, Bill Tussey, Kathy Waugh, Josh Taylor, Stephen Zoeller, Jane Modlin, George R. Snider III, Kennie Bass, Tori Powell, Zach Davis, and Ashley Taylor as Detective Kate Buckett.

Murder and Merriment Announces January Mysteries
Photo by Murder and Merriment

 The following weekend, The Greenhouse of Teays Valley will kick off their 2013 murder season by hosting “Silent Night, Deadly Night!”  Heritage Ski Resort is the scene, and a blizzard has struck the mountain – closing off the road and trapping the Guests in the lodge for a deadly night of murder! This particular murder mystery is the most attended and popular show that Murder and Merriment has ever performed. Chef Joe Reckard promises a delicious dinner buffet on both nights – January 18th & 19th. The mystery begins nightly at 7pm. Reservations are made by calling 304.397.6316. The cast for this mystery is: Alex Bannerman, Lisa Anderson Gandee,  George R. Snider III, Angel Gandee, LeeAnne Rheinlander, Ashley Taylor, Barry Dailey, Josh Taylor, and Brian Cook as Detective Ellery King.


Pullman Plaza Hotel is pleased to announce its newest affiliation with Murder and Merriment as it hosts its first murder party on January 25th – “Marriage, Mob, & Murder!” The Balconi and Stiletto Mob Families are back at it again for this Dinner Theatre at the Hotel in Huntington. Chef Tom has planned his menu for a wonderful Italian dinner, preceded by a wine tasting that all begins at 6pm. The murder mystery will start promptly at 7pm. Reservations are required for this party and are made by calling 304.691.5414

Wrapping up the month is “Murder at the Opera!” to be held at Berry Hills Country Club in Charleston. The Club is hosting this party exclusively for its members. World class opera tenor, Luciano Manicotti, has been murdered and Guests are invited to a reading of the Will and a Séance to determine who may have killed this man. Members can reserve tickets by calling 304.744.1393. Guests should arrive by 6:45pm. An Italian feast will be prepared and served by the Club’s Chef. Performing in this mystery are: Lisa Anderson Gandee, Kat Bryant, Allan Stern, Nancy Reneau Jackson, Josh Taylor, Megan Mace, Alex Bannerman, Jane Modlin, Kevin Michael Pauley, and George R. Snider III as Detective Columbus.


Prizes will be given away at each of the murder mysteries for those who can correctly solve “who dunnit!” While not required, guests are always encouraged to come dressed in the style and theme of the party. It’s murderously good fun!  For more information about Murder and Merriment, visit their website at or go to their Facebook page.

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