EDITORIAL: State's Leaders Should Consider Texas

HNN Staff
EDITORIAL:  State's Leaders Should Consider Texas

The Lone Star State has always captured the imagination of the rest of America.  From its beginnings with tough individualists like Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin, Texas has asserted itself as a place where people can grow a new life for themselves or a family.  Today, it's doing it again, with fully 37 percent of all new jobs in the U.S. being created in Texas.  That's nothing short of amazing.

Economists point to three main business-friendly policies that make Texas hum these days:


  • No income tax on business: One of only nine states in the nation to offer businesses that break;
  • Passed Tort Reform: Where these needed reforms stall in the West Virginia legislature, Texas embraces the concept;
  • Passed Right to Work legislation:  New Texas businesses don't have to worry about compulsory unions from the start.


We continue to be amazed that West Virginia's political leaders consider themselves successful simply because our state government does not yet have the budget problems of other states.  That's good, but it's hardly the only barometer.  Ask the unemployed and they'll tell you that they care a lot more about obtaining a job.

A decent job has been called the best "welfare program" a family can have, especially because of the self-confidence it creates within the worker.  A local economy benefits from each employed breadwinner, too, as the family has more money to buy a home, a new car, or other products and services.

Developing a business-friendly, job creating private sector really isn't rocket science at all.  If West Virginia's political leaders would simply try what has worked so well for Texas, maybe we'd finally get a taste of the American dream here, too.


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