BREAKING...RAD REPORT: Unusual Event Nebraska Emergency Level 4 and Now Worse

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Nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson discusses spent fuel pools and national hazards of nuclear facilities along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Line by line analysis of NRC Event Reports included. A Level 4 emergency is the lowest in the US and has only "local" consequences.

Courtesy,,, and pacificia foundation. This is the notification of unusual events on June 19 at the station. 

The Missouri River surged to a new record at Brownville Sunday afternoon. The National Weather Service said the river measured at 44.75 feet surpassing a record of 44.3 feet set in 1993. Flood stage is 33 feet. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the river level at Brownville surged two feet from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.

NPPD plans dictate that when the Missouri River’s water level reaches 42.5 feet or greater than 899 feet above sea level, the notification of an unusual event is declared. If the river’s level increases to 900 feet above sea level, plant personnel will barricade internal doorways as another layer of protection for facility equipment. At 902 feet, the plant would be taken offline as a protective safety measure.


A Notification of Unusual Event is the lowest and least serious of four emergency classifications established by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for nuclear power plants.

The issue of levees crumbling can be seen in this video of one in Hamburg, Iowa taken June 13.   Courtesy of AP/YouTube.