WLU Senior Hugo Andreini Develops New Bluetooth Product, Auranova

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West Liberty University Senior Hugo Andreini III has developed a new Bluetooth product that is now launching and will be especially attractive to women.


An exercise physiology major from Wheeling, Andreini has always been interested in business innovation and is enrolled in several entrepreneurship classes through the Center for Entrepreneurship, a division of the Gary E. West College of Business.


Andreini went into business professionally with a friend and former West Liberty student Ayman Barakat. Their business, TMI, Too Much Innovation LLC, has just announced the pre-order of AURANOVA, TMI's latest new Bluetooth necklace.


“With new statewide safety restrictions on mobile devices, Bluetooth accessories are becoming a necessity. Bluetooth built into cars doesn’t offer any phone privacy and limits Bluetooth to just in the vehicle.,” he explained. “So we came up with this new design of a Bluetooth necklace.”


Other headsets leave women with few options that interfere with their fashion and lifestyle, he said.


“We believe that we understand the importance of safety, functionality and elegant design. This lead to the development of AURANOVA, a customizable Bluetooth necklace that is beautiful enough to be sold in a jewelry store,” he said.


AURANOVA has interchangeable faceplates, including a Launching Model as well as an SW Model with Swarovski Elements, allowing the necklace to adapt to styles and trends over time.  It is the result of rethinking Bluetooth headsets with strict fashion guidelines in mind, while removing the hassles other devices present.


“The Bluetooth was specifically designed into a necklace because it not only aids in fashion but provides ease of use, convenience, and less weight on the ear,” he said.


“When we developed our necklace, we were thinking about the benefits it can offer society in all aspects. Driving safety is by far the most important."


TMI is an electronic product developing company that currently specializes in innovative ways of integrating Bluetooth technology into an individual's lifestyle.


AURANOVA is now available for pre-order at a discounted price on www.KickStarter.com. But this promotional pre-order price won’t last long and expires at 2 p.m., Monday, Feb. 25. Please visit http://kck.st/Snky59 and support the AURANOVA project!

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