Huntington Municipal Development Authority Will be Debt Free by End of July

by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) - HMDA will be debt free by the end of July, Tom Bell, executive director, told the board of the Huntington Municipal Development Authority at their Monday, June 20 meeting.

“We will have sufficient money on July 22 to pay off the $2.7 million [owed to HUD] ,” Bell said, adding that by paying off the debt early $900,000 in interest expense will be saved.

Mayor Kim Wolfe praised Tom Bell for his efforts. Under his leadership two large properties have been sold including one at the Huntington Industrial Park and Kinetic Park.

“When Amazon puts those big signs up there [on I-64] thousands of cars will pass a kind of beacon [for Huntington]. And, when Marshall University opens Stone & Thomas for their art department, it will [make] a pentacle of achievement for Pullman Square,” Wolfe said.

Mike Perry told those gathered, “We can talk about the jobs that no longer exist, but we should celebrate the wonderful jobs brought in by Amazon.”

As for the progress of construction at Kinetic Park, Bell indicated that concrete has been poured and soon wooden forms will be removed. He called the progress there “amazing.”

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