UIFL Ownership Change

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Michael Taylor and Andrew Haines are pleased to announce the acquisition of the Ultimate Indoor Football League by Assured Equities IV Corporation. Assured takes over control of the UIFL effective June 15, 2011.  As part of the acquisition, UIFL Co-Founder Andrew Haines will remain as League President and a member of the Board of Directors, UIFL Co-Founder Michael Taylor will continue as a consultant and a member of the Board of Directors for Assured.  

“Michael and Andrew have done a great job launching the UIFL.  The league’s business model is the best I’ve seen and we look forward to growing the league smart, and with a similar vision to what Michael and Andrew have established,” said Rodney Day, Vice President of Acquisitions for Assured.   Huntington's own professional indoor football team, the Huntington Hammer, and Assured have common ownership.  

Under the leadership of Michael Taylor and Andrew Haines the UIFL exhibited success both on the field and in the front office.  The UIFL played all scheduled games, all teams completed the season, and no replacement teams were used during the initial season. Each of those accomplishments are milestones that are considered important indicators of the strength and stability of a new league.  This acquisition will position the UIFL for future growth and success. Expansion teams for the 2012 season are being announced throughout the following months and have already seen announcements from Tupelo, Mississippi, Danville, Illinois, Rome, Georgia and in Fort Myers, Florida.  

“I’m excited about the success we had in the 2011 season, and look forward to continuing the success of the UIFL in my role as League President.  It was important for Michael and I that the new ownership of the UIFL share a similar vision.  I truly feel that the UIFL has the best business model in all of indoor and arena football,” said UIFL Co-Founder Andrew Haines.  

For more information about the Ultimate Indoor Football League visit the league website at www.theuifl.com or call 877-500-UIFL (8435). The UIFL will grow into a 12-16 team league for the 2012 season and will play with two divisions (Northern and Southern).  The 2012 season schedules are expected to be announced in October.
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