GUEST OPINION COLUMN: Selling Guns Instead of Drugs

Updated 6 years ago by David "Alligator" Williams
Jason walked up the gravel driveway behind the run-down two story house on Charleston Avenue. He knocked on the screen door and entered into the house.
Jason took a fifty dollar bill out of his wallet with his shaky right hand and handed it to 'T'. "Two packs", he said.

T handed him the heroin and said with a smile," Sorry, Dude, but you're gonna have to find a new dealer soon."

Jason frowned, "Awww Dawg, what'cha ya gonna do? Heading back to Detroit?"

T grinned, "Diversifying. Soon as guns become illegal I'm going where the money's at and sell guns."

Jason was puzzled, "how are you going to sell guns if they are going to be banned?"

"Dude!" T laughed "Do you think you're at Wal-Mart now? If I can get away with selling heroin what makes you think I can't sell guns?"

Jason scratched his head. "But where are you going to get them at?"

T laughed again, "Dude, guns are everywhere. When they eventually outlaw them and they will because once they pass laws limiting them then its the beginning f the end. The government won't stop until they are all illegal."

Jason countered, "Yeah, so if no one can buy them, how are you going to get them to sell them?"

T smiled and reasoned, "They are everywhere now but law biding citizens won't want to be caught with them so they will sell them to me. And then I will sell them to bad guys"m

Jason said, "Won't the government have gun take backs or come to people's doors?"

T shook his head, "These guns are worth a lot of money so people won't just give them up for nothing. If the government buys them back off of the owners then. That will cost billions if not trillions. Or I can steal them from people its not like people are going to report that the guns they are not suppossed to have were stolen."

Jason said, "I still don't think it will be worth the trouble."

T disagreed, "The black market will explode. Theft will be big business. The lawbiders will give up their guns so only thieves will have them. A thief won't have to worry about getting blown away while breaking into a house. Plus guns cost more so I won't have to sell as much guns to make money. It takes several packs of heroin to make what I'll make on one gun sale. Now that our country will lose all the taxes they bring in with gun sales, they will have to make drugs legal t make up for lost tax revenue."

Jason gave up and left to shoot his drugs up. Jason knew as much as anyone that if you want something bad enough you can find it. As long as there is a demand for something then someone will find a way to supply the items needed.   //
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