Mason County Town Hall Discussion of C8 Water Contamination January 24

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Attorney Kathy Brown
Attorney Kathy Brown

A town hall meeting to explain monetary claims for water system exposure to C8  contamination will be held Thursday, January 24, at 7 p.m. at the Mason County Library , 508 Viand Street, Point Pleasant, WV.

Attorney Kathy Brown, a former investigative reporter and WSAZ-TV anchor,  will discuss possible personal injury monetary compensation for those sick or who died from thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, high cholesterol or pregnancy induced hypertension.

Brown and her team have already filed four suits in Mason County, WV. She emphasizes that even members of a recent class action lawsuit are eligible. Scientific studies undertaken as part of the class action settlement have revealed the water system contamination.

The Mason County Public Service District, Belpre, Ohio City Water System, Little Hocking, Ohio, system; Lubeck Public Service System; Mercer County Public Service District; Pomeroy Ohio Water System;   Tupper Plains, Ohio systems have all been found to contain C8 contamination.

DuPont agreed to reduce C8 emissions to one-half of the 1999 levels, but, according to a February 2003 Columbus Dispatch article , there (was) no known way to remove C8 from wastewater and the environment.  An EPA internal memo cited by the Dispatch revealed  liver toxicity , developmental/reproductive toxicity, and cancers.

Where you live does not matter, the determining factor is whether you were exposed to water from a contaminated system for more than one year prior to December 3, 2004.

Brown has filed several Mason County suits for individuals . She told the Galipolis, Ohio Daily Tribune in November 2012, ““These lawsuits are for people who have one of those reported diseases and are seeking justice.”

Already the subject of Hollywood films i.e. “Erin Brockovich” starring Julia Roberts  and “A Civil Action” starring John Travolta ,  Cancer Causing PFOA or C8: Perfluorooctanoic acid ( PFOA ), commonly referred to as C8, is a chemical used in the manufacturing of certain household items including non-stick cookware, stain-resistant carpets and water-repellant clothing. Some of the most recognizable uses of the C8 chemical are in DuPont Chemical Company’s Teflon products. The mid-Ohio River Valley region has been impacted by DuPont’s plant southwest of Parkersburg WV. Release of the chemical into the water and air along the Ohio River began in the 1950’s. The dangerous chemical gradually contaminated public drinking water supplies by entering the region’s groundwater. Testing detected C8 in six different water districts surrounding DuPont’s manufacturing facility.

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