HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Mainstream films this week are “Cars II” and “Bad Teacher.”

Here are the times in Huntington for the new first run movies, as well as those at the second run Cinema.

MARQUEE PULLMAN: Bad Teacher, 11:20-12:30-1:40-2:40-4:00-5:00-6:30-7:30-9:00-10:00; Cars II 3D, 12:30-3:30-6:30-9:10; Cars II in 2D, 11:00-1:40-4:20-7:00-9:40

DISCOUNT CINEMA: Something Borrowed, 1:05-3:10-5:15-7:20-9:25; Thor, 1:20-4:20-7:10-9:30; Water for Elephants, 1:30-4:30-7:05-925; Rio, 1:10-3:15-5:20; Soul Surfer, 7:30-9:35; FLASHBACK: July 3-4, Jaws.