Changes to Cabell’s High School Course Handbook Next Step for Innovation Zone Implementation

HNN Staff

In the coming weeks, Cabell County students in grades eight through eleven will begin selecting their courses for next school year. 

When these students open their 2011-2012 Course Handbooks, they will see several significant changes designed to help guide them as the district’s high schools implement their Innovation Zone plans.

Last year, the three schools, Cabell Midland High School, Huntington High School, and the Cabell County Career Technology Center, worked together to create Innovation Zone plans that were presented to the West Virginia Department of Education.  These plans, which include sweeping changes in the high school experience, were approved by the State Board of Education, and the schools were provided with planning grants.  Since that time, school staffs have been finalizing and preparing for the implementation of the various IZ components.

The new handbook outlines a number of important initiatives that provide students the opportunity to take greater responsibility for their education, including early graduation, embedded credit, and extended learning outcomes. The handbook also outlines initiatives that hold students more accountable for their education, such as compulsory attendance until 18 years of age and graduation proficiency requirements.

In addition to the IZ initiatives, students will find sample schedules to help them plot out their own high school schedules with graduation in mind.  For those students wanting to get an early start on college, there are three pages that explain how to enroll in college courses while still in school.

If students wish to pursue training after graduation, but not a four-year degree, they will find a section entitled “So You Want to Be...”  This section is the result of a cooperative effort between Cabell County Schools and Mountwest Community and Technical College (MCTC).  It outlines sixteen MCTC programs where students can pursue specific careers including paths to become a Personal Trainer, an EMT, a Chef, an Interior Designer, or many other high-demand professions.  By combining EDGE courses, MCTC courses, and dual credit courses, students can begin or even complete the requirements for these programs while in high school, getting an early start on their intended career.

Parents and students can view the new Course Handbook by visiting the Cabell County Schools website at  Simply click on the “Schools” tab, and then look for the “High School” section on the right side of the page.  The handbook is in a .pdf format, complete with bookmarks for easy navigation.

For more information about the 2011-2012 Course Handbook, please contact Dr. Jeff Smith, Director of Assessment and Curriculum, by calling (304) 528-5063.