Commissioner Yon Accuses Commissioner Bailey of Sexist Tight Skirted Remark During Meeting

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Anne Yon
Anne Yon
File Photo

A heated exchange over a personnel appointment turned into an underlying war between men and women.

According to a Herald Dispatch report Bailey told Commissioner Anne Yon, “You can’t wear them tight skirts and expect people to vote for you again. If I am alive, I’ll beat you,” Bailey said during the Thursday meeting.

Yon three times challenged Bailey for uttering a “sexist” remark. Bailey called his remark a “fact.”

After Yon challenged Bailey’s statement as revealing women should not be in politics, Bailey dropped the sexist subject and returned to the appointment of Clark Zerkle Jr., which he declared to be a political favor by Commissioners Nancy Cartmill and Anne Yonn,  both of whom are Republicans.  

In a prior interview, former Huntington Mayor Kim Wolfe told HNN that one of his political options might head back to the Cabell County Courthouse.

 “Bob Bailey has approached me about running for County Commission,” Wolfe said, suggesting one or more incumbents  may not run for reelection, Wolfe said in an exit interview.

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