COLUMN: Nuclear Workers Updates: Hooker Electrochemical

Updated 10 years ago by Terrie Barrie, Founding Member ANWAG
COLUMN: Nuclear Workers Updates:  Hooker Electrochemical

I thought you would be interested in reading my latest column on the emails the Hooker Electrochemical SEC petitioner found in her FOIA request.  I honestly thought there would be two, maybe three emails that she could use to possibly file another petition.  But so far, it appears she has hit pay dirt.  She has many more pages to review.  I'm afraid what she'll find in those. 


It's quite depressing to confirm your worse thoughts about the program.  This was a hard blog to write.  It's kinda like confirming your most faithful employee has been embezzling funds.   But hopefully some good will come of it.


The actual emails are attached .  If anyone wants to see them before that process is complete, email me and I will forward the pdfs to you.  I wanted to get this circulated so that I can move on to other issues.  Also, I have no idea why some of the paragraphs are highlighted.  I'm pretty sure I didn't do it by hitting the wrong button.  Therefore, I have no idea on how to fix it.


And here are a few articles that may interest some.



  1. FOIA SCAN 1 (15.68 KB)
  2. FOIA SCAN 2 (3.57 MB)
  3. FOIA SCAN 3 (569.39 KB)