LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What Do "the People" Think, not Just One Voice?

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If I may be so bold, I would like to make a few comments about, “School to Stop Leading Prayer.”  It is a sad day in our city when one voice of disagreement can change everything for the whole.  If memory serves me correct, I do believe The Constitution of the United States, begins with these words, “We the People…” not we the person. 

One person should never be allowed to sway the direction of the many, yet we continually allow one disgruntled person to change our society.  I am concerned that we have allowed political correctness to go too far.  It is time for the majority to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.”  We should never have to apologize for speaking our opinion, yet if our opinion goes against a liberal, anti-God opinion, look out.

I don’t believe the person who said they were offended over the school praying for the safety of the children is a bad person.  I just don’t believe her lone voice should dictate policy.  As for her not wanting her children to be prayed for, should not take away the rights of those who do.  Our society seems to be concerned about those who don’t want God in our public places while trampling on the rights of those who do.

I write these thoughts with no anger, animosity, or ill will to those who disagree with me.  I write this only as one who wishes to exercise my civil right to be heard as well.  I also write this to encourage all who would wish to voice their concern about keeping God in our schools, neighborhoods, City Hall, and every other public place to speak out now.  If only one voice is heard, that voice will dictate policy for all.  That should never be in a country that started as, “We the People.”


By Darrell Huffman


New Life Church

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