Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

This simulation video used for disaster practice demonstrates that Fort Galhoun Nebraska's nuclear plan could become the next Fukushima, or , at least, regulators have feared that could occur.

HNN received a response from Mark Becker, Media Relations Specialist, Nebraska Public Power District.  We sent him a list of 13 questions. We received no response.

Here are the questions we posed:

Dear Mark,

Please disregard the other email. It was my rough draft. We often browse the net and where there are multiple interpretations of events.You volunteered for some questions, here are a few:


1. How safe are spent fuel rods stored at the plant are they stored  above flood area,  can they be moved if flooding occurs , how will they be moved?
2. Is there an access road in and out of the plant.
3. What type of back up power do you have?  Where is it located (i.e. is it above the flood levels) ? . How long can you run pumps w/o electricity?
4. What did the electrical fire effect , has the damage been repaired or must it wait until after the flooding? What  % of fuel is in the pools, has it flowed into the waters or will it possibly mix if rains and water levels go higher?
5. Is there any spent fuel above or below the reactor i.e. like the Japanese design.
6. Is this a GE plant such as Japan the one in Japan? How old is it? Any. MOX or plutonium there? Is the plant as safe now as when it was opened?
7. Hypothetically, if a  dam upstream burst, how confident are you regarding damage from a deluge
8. Are there evacuation plans and if so how many miles?
9. Is there a 'no fly' zone? Is media planes included? Why was the TV station encouraged NOT to shoot the flooded plant?
10. What prompted rumors of melt down ?
11. Nuclear energy has dangers that can last centurys... what precautions and plans are there for a worst case scenario, even one no involving a natural disaster.
12, Has Arnie Gunderson even done an evaluation of the Nebraska plants?
13, Is there buried waste in the areas that now have flood waters over them?

Mr. Becker had previously responded:

From: Becker, Mark C. <mcbecke@nppd.com>
To: 'stories@huntingtonnews.net' <stories@huntingtonnews.net>
Sent: Wed, Jun 22, 2011 4:13 pm
Subject: US Accused of News Blackout on Nebraska Nuke Plant



If there is a blackout I am not aware of it.  I have answered approximately 75 media calls in the last two days concerning Cooper Nuclear Station from all over the United States, France, South America, and Japan on this situation, which is far from what you have posted as being a near critical meltdown is entirely untrue.   And there is no media blackout. Go to Omaha.com and see what kind of coverage the Omaha World-Herald, a true, respected newspaper has been reporting.  Feel free to call me and we can talk.   Actually do some journalism and contact these facilities.  They will respond to your inquiries.