WV GOP OPINION: Routergate Heats Up

Updated 5 years ago From a Release by WV GOP
WV GOP OPINION: Routergate Heats Up

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - RouterGate is on the lips of angry taxpayers statewide, as they hear about millions in waste, fraud and illegal contracts by West Virginia state government. $126 million in Obama stimulus dollars meant for broadband.

But even after Governor Earl Ray Tomblin knew that project had gone wrong last year.....he still stood by every unopened $22,000 Internet router

He was caught on tape, promoting this boondoggle.

 "It has not been wasted. The Broadband is being installed every single day," said Tomblin last October at the sole gubernatorial debate. "No, it's not a waste," Tomblin replied, to a Bill Maloney question about how many of the Cisco 3945 routers remain in storage

Tomblin's words come from the C-SPAN recording of last October's debate in Charleston.

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