Regional Celebrities Pick Favorite Valentine's Day Fiicks

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing
Kennie Bass' Favorite
What romantic / Valentine’s Day movie will be popped into DVD’s in the surround area? Instead of my own Top Ten favorites, I asked a selection of regional artists, reporters, media types and office holders for their best choice for celebrating Cupid’s arrows that strike on February 14.

KATHY BROWN, former WSAZ TV anchor/investigative reporter / Charleston attorney:  "Slumdog Millionaire “ (2008),   a great love story about endurance and never giving up. Plus, it's a fun movie and I love trivia questions!”

KENNIE BASS, reporter/critic WCHS/WVAH-TVL  Dirty Dancing" (1987),   Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze are fantastic in this film. They are perfect for each other. And, it boasts a soundtrack with classic songs that are perfect for a romantic night alone with someone you care about. A classic that should be required viewing to show how true love overcomes all obstacles.

TIFFANY JOHNSON BAYLEY, former Miss WV Venus and  former Huntington resident now owner Avalon Park Jewelry, Orlando, Florida:  The Thomas Crown Affair.(1999), the most romantic, seductive movie ever.

GLEN BERRY, Photographer:   Goundhog Day (1993), a  lighthearted and funny, touching at times, and suggests that given enough persistence, nice guys and underdogs can indeed find happiness.

SCOTT CASERTA,  Huntington City Council:  Barefoot in the Park (1967),. A funny, funny love story !

DANI MCCALL ENGLANDER, independent film actress/ producer::  One of my all-time favorite romantic flicks is “Love Actually” (2003) . I realize it’s more of a Christmas flick due to the film being set around that holiday, but it’s just such a gorgeous combination of stories/romantic situations that make you laugh & tug at the heart strings.  Enjoy it every single time I see it no matter how many times that may be so far… and it’s quite a few

TAMMY FRAZIE, MU graduate and Charleston resident:  Somewhere in Time (1980 ) captivates by Jayne Seymour’s mind body, soul, grace , talent , beauty and judgment Past, present and eternally as it should be. Christopher Reeve  had it right.

BETH HENDRICKS, Reporter Herald Dispatch:   I’m going with “Gone With the Wind, (1939).” Sassy Scarlett is a fighter and survivor, but also a hopeless romantic. As a Southern girl myself, I can relate to her character. The idea of finding your soul mate and everything you've ever wanted right in front of you is the ultimate type of love story we all hope for. Rhett Butler delivers one of my all-time favorite movie lines when he says, "You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."

Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"
Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"
Selina Kyle's Favorite

TIM IRR, WSAZ TV news anchor,  Personally, mine is the 2003 British romantic Christmas comedy, “Love Actually”. Great cast, great interwoven story…and Liam Neeson doesn’t kill a soul.

SELINA KYLE, Huntington pinup/glamour model:, “Since I was young,  “Sleeping Beauty” (1950),  has always been my favorite fairy tale, Disney production and romantic movie. I’ve even done a photo shoot where I was Sleeping Beauty.”

MARIA MANILLA, Huntington writer, former MU professor: I love watching the movie “Chocolat” around Valentine’s Day since that romantic holiday often falls near Lent. Not only does Juliet Binoche play a magical and decadent chocolatier, but I love that uber-pious  Alfred Molina ultimately succumbs to her confections.

ELIZABETH  NOREIKA, news anchor/reporter WCHS-TV: & WVAH TV:   “I love the move The Holiday. It reminds us that we can find love where we least expect it.


MARY POINDEXTER WILLIAMS, Huntington’s first lady and award winning actress:  Steve and I were talking about this when we left “Les Miserables” Some of our finalists, “As Good As It Gets (1997),” “An Affair to Remember (1957),” “Magnificent Obsession” (1954) and “You’ve Got Mail (1998).”


KIM WORDSWORTH, professional actress/former Huntington “Rocky Horror Picture Show”  cast member:  'Moulin Rouge'  (2001) remains a favorite film, because it shows that love, above all else, makes us truly alive.

SARAH JEFFERS, former Marshall Student Center Clerk & MU Graduate: : “Christmas Card,” (2006), stars Ed Asner,, John Newton, and Alice Evans in   a classic romance movie with its twists set in today’s time filled with twists ---   a military man overseas, a woman in the states who sends Christmas cards to soldiers, a kind gesture, a freak accident that sends the military man home to give his respects to the family of a “buddy”  who died in the line duty, and. the chance he takes to meet the woman who sent him the Christmas Card.

Somewhere in Time
Somewhere in Time
Tammy Frazie's Favorite

LORRE WILSON , former Miss West Virginia: Definitely, "Marly and Me". Love, family, heartbreak - great opportunities to snuggle with your husband and a flick you can watch with your kids.

JEFF BECK, film critic Richmond, Va: I'd have to go with Shakespeare in Love. It's got amazing performances coupled with a brilliantly-written story that parallels the greatest romance ever written.

DALE ANDERSON II, former Huntington Mayoral candidate:  “Braveheart” (1995) stars Mel Gibson as a common man who desires to live in peace with a beautiful wife. They marry in secret to avoid English prima nocte. After she is  killed by the English,  he fights for her and his country to drive the harsh overseers out of  their country, in hopes of creating a free country where future Scots could marry without harm.


George R. Snider III , Murder and Merriment, director and actor,, listed his Top Five Valentine’s Day flicks:

5. "Amelie" (2001),  A truly captivating film about a girl (Audrey Tautou) searching for her true love along a magical journey.

4. "The Notebook" (2004), Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling pair together in a movie where a poor young man falls in love with a rich young girl and they are separated by social differences.

3. "Now Voyager"  (1942), Bette Davis and Paul Henreid find impossible romance in the story of a spinster aunt who comes out of her shell on a cruise and falls hopelessly in love with a fellow passenger.

2. "Casablanca" (1942),  A magnificent film on all levels: great story, great setting, plenty of conflict, and a most heart rendering romance between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It's a perfect movie.

1. "When Harry Met Sally"  (1989), A twist of fate and a shared ride propel Billy Crystal to discover that his friendship with Meg Ryan over many years is a blossoming love that he can't live without. It's the perfect date movie of all time.

What about me?  Sleepless in Seattle (1993) starring Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan , itself an adaptation of  “An Affair to Remember” (1957) featuring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr and “Love Affair” (1939) featuring Irene Dunne and Charles Boyer. “Affair” ranks #5 on the American Film Institute’s greatest love stories.  The simple premise: A couple fall in love on a cruise and agree to meet New Year’s Eve on top of the Empire State Building.

Hanks and Ryan re-teamed in 1998 with director Nora Ephron for the first internet romance appropriately titled “You’ve Got Mail.” It’s also a re-make of  Ernst Lubitsch’s “The Shop Around the Corner” (1940) that starred James Stewart and Margaret Sullivan. It was revived on Broadway in 1994-1995 under the title, “She Loves Me.”

Back a few lengths racing down home stretch, the Academy Award nominated “Silver Linings Playbook,” where a man and woman working through the hurts of past relationships find friendship, encouragement, and love in each other.

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