Satisfying "Die Harder" Action Fest Needs More Brain Cells

Updated 5 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
Satisfying "Die Harder" Action Fest Needs More Brain Cells
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How long has it been since John  McClane (Bruce Willis) took on bad guys? He still has the ‘right stuff,’ interlacing action hero blood and bruises with a streak of patented one-liner exchanges. Missing? No time for thinking, this one is bang, boom,  flash and dodge.

Set  partially in an urban decayed Moscow (Budapest , Hungary , stands in) intriguing architecture subs for  dusty “High Noon” streets accompanied by claustrophobic  tensions described as lower level skyscraping via chopper maneuvers.

Having the essence of a would be tentpole, director John (“The Omen,” “Max Payne”)  Payne  major issue rests not with a still muscular Willis and his head strong  in daddy’s image off spring (Jai Courtney ).  The duo  has  a recoiling chemistry appropriately injecting a partnership that often spurts acid and alkaline.

Ultimately, the flimsy “file” possessed by the would-be defector needs  script buffering which would slow the ride but stimulate brain cells.  There’s hardly time to contemplate the U-235 enriched weapons grade uranium risk for terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, or dirty bombs, when you’re  continuously wiping destruction debris from your eyes.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Supporters of "Holler-Wood" in WV stick around for the very last image --- documentation of the number of jobs created by this flick's production.

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