Budget Proposal Hearing Goes Smoothly, Only One Council Revision

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Budget Proposal Hearing Goes Smoothly, Only One Council Revision

Replacing the department head presentation of budget line items, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams stepped up to the plate at the Saturday morning session before Huntington City Council and requested that he first present the departmental requests and revenues. Questions for a department head  occurred by mayoral designation.

Instead of individual departments justifying their requests, Williams presented the city's revenue and expenditures in a full picture before addressing line items.

His nearly $43 million dollar plus budget (before grants) reflects aggressive compliance and collections attributes.

As a result, instead, of three to four special budget sessions for presentation and adjustment of the general fund budget, the session concluded at about 1:30 p.m.  with the scheduling of an after work session meeting Thursday, March 7.

"Hopefully , that's all we will need," said council chairman Mark Bates.

Councilman Scott Caserta complimented the Williams administration budget team, "You brought us a completely prepared budget. This was smooth."

The Mayor suggested "we passed this budget last year," referring to the "complexity" of re-working last fiscal year's proposal.

During the hearing, Williams explained that revenue income will be monitored on a weekly basis.

Council passed one revision during the Saturday session. They requested that the city's budgeted $3,000 contribution to the City of Huntington Foundation be increased to $8,000. 
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