Mayor to Recommend Police Chief Pay Reclassification for Outstanding Results

Updated 5 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

Mayor Steve Williams announced during the Saturday council finance session that he will recommend a pay  grade adjustment  for Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook. Although unfunded at this time, the change would bring the police chief in line with the Director of Finance and Administration.

"We adjusted his pay grade from P26-A to P27-D," Williams said. Neither the Williams administration nor council has funded the adjustment at this time.

During the budget session, Williams explained that the Chief is being rewarded for outstanding results. "He has earned it," the Mayor said.

 The action is part of an executive city official retention plan that would eventually make their compensation more competitive with world market cities the size of Huntington.     "We will bring council a revised professional salary schedule that will lift senior staff to competitive market positions. We need to attract and retain the best and the brightest. I'd put individuals sitting here with me (i.e. Brandi Jacobs-Jones, director of administration and finance; Deron Runyon, finance director; Skip Holbrook, police chief) against anybody in the world."     Williams stressed that these revisions likely will include executive positions that pay more than the Mayor. Williams explained that when working as a banking executive most of his best brokers made more than himself.    
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