Manchin rebuked by national gun rights organization

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(Charleston, WV) - Today, the National Association for Gun Rights held a news conference at the State Capitol in Charleston rebuking U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) for his efforts to expand the federal Brady gun registration system.

 “The Brady registry is a fatally flawed system,” said National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) Executive Vice President Dudley Brown. “Hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans, many of them veterans, have been permanently stripped of their gun rights on the whim of some federal bureaucrat.”

“Now Senator Joe Manchin is beating the drum to herd gun owners into this federal registration system,” said Brown. “Manchin wants to let Washington bureaucrats take away the Second Amendment rights of even more veterans and other Americans without trial if they seek mental health counseling.”

NAGR has launched a multi-media campaign, including TV, radio, direct mail and online efforts to expose Manchin’s support for Obama’s gun control package.

 According to NAGR’s new television ad, Manchin has become the Senate’s loudest voice for this gun control legislation.

 “Manchin says he’s speaking for the people of West Virginia,” said Brown. “Gun owners in the state need to know that their Senator is leading the charge for gun control.”

When recently asked by Politico if he would go so far as to ban guns or magazines, Manchin said “I can’t say yes or no.”

“This is just one more threadbare attempt to blame honest gun owners for the actions of criminals,” said Brown.

 “The 2.4 million members and supporters of the National Association for Gun Rights are committed to defending honest Americans from a federal gun registry and the rest of President Obama and Joe Manchin’s gun ban agenda,” Brown said.

The National Association for Gun Rights is America’s fastest growing and most effective gun rights organization.

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