From the "Maneater" team, Catch "Ladybeard" in April

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
David Smith first told the story of a college nerd's desperately seeking girlfriend who turned out to be a cannibal. Spoofing the "Twilight" vampire saga, "Maneater" revealed the bloody baggage to a very dysfunctional relationship. Now, Smith brings "Ladybeard," his newest feature , to the Appalachian Film Festival, Friday, April 12 for a 9 p.m. Keith Albee showing.
 Toby Poole, Penny Maple, Rachel Henderson, Molly Tilly star in a relationship comedy with a serious theme: A stand-up comedian tries to persuade his make believe "girlfriend" to put off dropping the bombshell on her parents --- that she is a lesbian.    Under the Apartment 2-B Banner, "Candy Takers" and  "Escribitionist" have followed "Maneater" (2007).   "Ladybeard" will have its WV premiere March 16 at the WV Mountaineer Short Film Festival in Morgantown, WV.  A portion of the funds for production came from Indie Go-Go donations. The production is under consideration for showing on IFC.   For details, visit, .
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