Public Safety Committee Recommends Original Junk Storage Ordinance

Updated 5 years ago by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
Public Safety Committee Recommends Original  Junk Storage Ordinance
 Huntington City Council's Public Safety Committee, chaired by David Ball, has recommended , following support from Mayor Steve Williams, that the original "junk" ordinance be recommended to the full council. The ordinance modifies language pertaining to the extended storage of indoor furniture on the outside of properties within the city limits.  
    "We are trying to get mattresses off the front porch," Williams said, adding in a broader perspective the initiative applies to  removing indoor furniture from the porch. To not do so "creates a fire hazard" and invites "vermin."       The Mayor indicated that a proposed amendment "would not be hostile," but comparing it to "legislatively loving it to death" would lead to an action that does "nothing. We do think the amendment does harm to the ordinance."       Accessing the amendment as fair to those of "wealthy means" and "less fortunate," City Attorney Scott McClure and Williams explained that "this is not something we crafted ourselves," as the administration looked at other cities such as Columbus, Ohio, and those in Indiana, Michigan and Florida.   "In Columbus, it helped open the door for code inspectors, Fire Department, and the  Police Department ," Williams explained.   Committee member Gary Bunn asked that the ordinance be placed before council in its original form. It was seconded by Public Safety Committee Chairman, David Ball. Councilman McGuffin voted with the majority. Committee members Frances Jackson and Rebecca Thacker did not attend.
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