Almost Paradise Free Prom for Ages 14 and Up March 29

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Almost Paradise Free Prom for Ages 14 and Up March 29

Proms, Homecoming, Graduation , the "Snowball,"  and other formal dances represent rites of passage for high school and college students , including an opportunity to dress up and dance with their partner. Often, circumstances prevent these pomp and circumstance dances from attracting all those who would like to attend. Reasons can vary --- you're not a member of the "in" crowd, you have to work, you don't have a date, or expense.

"Almost Paradise" scheduled March 29 from 7-10 p.m. at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena hopes to attract young people and adults (14 and up), who did not attend their prom.

Organizer Angela Clay explained, "this is everyone's chance to find a babysitter, get dolled up and enjoy an elegant evening of fun and excitement for free." In addition, newly elected Mayor and first lady, Steve and Mary Williams will be guests of honor at the semi-formal/formal event. City council members and other representatives will attend too. Jack O'Shea will provide music.

Better late than never can have self esteem boosting benefits. Unable to attend social events in high school due to intense bullying whose scars followed into college, a part time return to college allowed an opportunity for a queen entrant to ask me for the honor of attending a Homecoming Dance (my first, where not smoking and not drinking were favored), where her intent was so strong she provided dance lessons in her dorm. Despite the age difference, we had a good time on the floating vessel --- and other first time so-called "rituals" for her and "second chance" opportunities for me.

Photography for Almost Paradise will be provided by Gotcha Photography. Photos will be taken 6-7 p.m. on the night of the event.



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