DEVOTION: Living Together

by Beth Bondurant

E-mail from one of my friends is so much fun to read.  Stories of all the critters who have chosen living space in her yard ... the ground and trees.. the bushes and pond... the front and back porch area have become her "neighboring community".


They seem to enhance the day... waking with chirping songs... hopping and swimming in this habitat of God's creation in a visible lesson of what it means to "live together".


Ever so often my friend shares the exciting news of confrontation between her outside fellowship of critters. 


Birds who desire to perch on the same twig or seek to claim a discarded nest for their own.


Friendly frogs who stand guard over their coveted rock in the pond.


Bunnies and squirrels who scamper from bush or tree in sweet freedom and ownership of all they explore.


Living together can be joyous and fulfilling... as well as challenging and objectionable.


We like our own space... we need room to move and become ... to experience and enjoy.


We need responsibility and accomplishment... a place to realize our potential and calling.


"How wonderful... how beautiful when brothers and sisters get along."


O God, sometimes I scamper around in my own little world and forget I am called to brotherhood and sisterhood... to relate to every person I see and touch in goodness and mercy.  I am so very impatient with people and want others to read my mind and see my need as priority.  Help me, Lord, to be gracious and welcoming... to open my heart, mind, body and spirit and allow room for others in my chosen space.  Forgive me when I snap or grumble or growl at those in closest proximity and refresh my heart with mercy ... hope... peace... and patience.  Thank you for the secret places I can go to find only You and to be held in perfect love .... feeling the security and comfort I need to enable my love for others.  Bless me Lord, with your breath of goodness and peace... and today I pray for acceptance and appreciation for those with whom I am living together.