OPINION: Manchin Skips ObamaCare Vote

From a Release by WV GOP

WASHINGTON, D.C.  - West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin late  refused to vote on a Senate amendment to prevent spending any more Federal monies on the implementation of ObamaCare. according to Conrad Lucas, WV Republican Party Chairman.

All 45 Senate Republicans voted for an amendment, brought by Ted Cruz (R)-Texas that would have prohibited using funds on the expansion of the socialized health care program sought by liberal politicians.

Fifty-two Democrats voted against the amendment. But Manchin couldn't even be troubled to take a stand himself. He voted 'present.'

"It's never a big surprise to see Senator Manchin playing both sides of an issue," said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Conrad Lucas. "But given a choice between the ObamaCare bill that will destroy family budgets and kill jobs, and trying to keep our health care freedoms.......Manchin can't choose either one. That's the opposite of leadership. It's failure to act."

Manchin has waffled on ObamaCare since the liberal program became a reality. Publicly he was for it, before he was against it. But when given chances to stop it or defund it, Manchin has been silent. And, it's meant he won't stand up for the unborn.


"ObamaCare means abortions. ObamaCare means more expensive health care that we don't choose," said Lucas. "ObamaCare is the opposite of freedom. Yet when Senator Manchin has the chance to make changes or put the brakes on this liberal takeover of our doctors, he waffles or worse, stays silent. West Virginians deserve better."


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