WV GOP Objects to Rahall Proposal

Updated 7 years ago From a Release by WV GOP
WV GOP Objects to Rahall Proposal

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Late last night liberal Congressman Nick Rahall (D-WV) officially declared his personal war on coal by voting for a budget that not even Nancy Pelosi could support. The "Progressive Budget" adds a coal-killing tax of $25 per ton price on carbon dioxide emissions.

Rahall, who supports Obama's agenda 94 percent of the time, stood with 83 other liberals to also add $2.1 trillion in new stimulus spending and raise taxes by $5.1 trillion. He must be stopped.

"It is no secret that Nick Rahall stands with Obama and other radicals who want to end the coal industry and devastate West Virginia's economy," said Conrad Lucas, West Virginia Republican Party Chairman.   "Yet again, Nick Rahall raises taxes, increases spending and hurts West Virginia families."

"Nick Rahall has been in office since before I was born. He's lost touch with West Virginia and it is time for Nick Joe to go," added Lucas.

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