OPINION: Pressure from Pro Sports Shortens Useful Life of Sports Venues

by Rene A. Henry
Rene A. Henry
Rene A. Henry

How long should a stadium or arena last?  With pressure from professional sports teams and league commissioners, politicians are using 25 years as a standard maximum.  After all, it is only taxpayer money!  The Rose Bowl and Los Angeles Coliseum, two of the finest sports facilities in the country, are 80+ years old.  The stadium Athens used for its 1896 Olympic Games is still in excellent condition.  Any new facility that is built with public money should have a minimum lifetime of 50 years.  Or let the pro teams build their own.

Charleston, WV native and Seattle resident Rene A. Henry is an author and writer  who  spent more than 50 years of his professional career at every level of sports including recreational, college, professional, Olympic and international. Many of his widely-published commentaries are posted on his website at www.renehenry.com.
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