LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community Benefits by Re-Zoning

by Alex Vence*

Zoning Change Will Protect Neighborhood.

With the current I-1 zoning, any of the uses below are permitted at the property located at 8th Ave. & 3rd Street West. An $8 million dollar gated apartment community is planned for the property. This change will protect the residential nature of the neighborhood by preventing undesirable industrial development in a residential area.



A. Low-nuisance light manufacturing, fabricating, processing, cleaning, servicing, testing, repair, and assembly facilities not listed elsewhere as Permitted or Conditional Uses that are able to conform to the Performance Standards herein

B. Dwelling unit of caretaker or guard.

C. Mobile Homes Sales

D. Golf Course or Country Club

E. Park, playgrounds, golf courses, and other publicly owned space

F. Building material and supply facilities

G. Warehousing, storage, or distribution facilities

H. Food and kindred products processing, packaging, storage and distribution

I. Laundry and clothes cleaning and dyeing establishments

J. Railroads and public or quasi-public utilities including substation

K. Laboratories for scientific, agriculture, or industrial research and development

L. Bulk sales, product distribution centers, warehouses, and flex space within completely enclosed buildings

M. Any office use

N. Beverage distributors

O. Carpentry, cabinet making, furniture repair and upholstery, electrical, metal working, tin smithing, welding, plumbing, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning shops and other similar craft and/or repair facilities when such facilities are in a completely enclosed building and are primarily sales and service facilities and not manufacturing plants.

P. Appliance service facilities

Q. Wholesale businesses, storage and warehousing

R. Commercial Communication Tower or Antennae

S. Uses permitted in Articles 1327, 1329, 1331, exclusive of residential uses

T. Building structures and uses owned and operated by the City of Huntington

U. Accessory uses and accessory buildings incidental to the above uses and located on the same lot.


Alex Vence

Thorn Tree Apartments

1639 7th Avenue

Huntington,WV 25703



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