by Tony E. Rutherford, News Editor
Appalachian Film Festival on Screen April 12-13

The Tenth annual Appalachian Film Festival comes to the Keith Albee performing arts center April 12-13. Here's the preview from the documentary , "Mr Cool Willie," which shows at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 13 at the Keith Albee. It takes place when "boxing was really boxing."

"Weirdo" rolls at 6:55 p.m. Friday. Four friends embark on a journey for truth when one of them begins to exhibit abnormal behavior. Tension rises as Fitz, Charles, and Todd discover just how big of a weirdo Simon really is while driving full-speed through the blur that lies between friendship and reality.

"ROTFL," screens at 7:20 p.m. Friday. The award winning short  film on bullycide  was produced by  teen filmmaker Tara-Nicole Azarian. The stars include: Tara-Nicole Azarian, Jessica Taylor, Maya-Yasmeen White, Erin Barksdale & David Topp.

Following at 7:30 p.m., will be Joanna Terry's "Dance with My Father." Hailing from West Virginia, the short centers on Kareem Watson, a mentally and terminally ill Vet, who tries to rebuild his relationship with his estranged daughter, Simone, so he can walk her down the aisle before it's too late. It stars: Robert Walker Jr, Ericka Smith, Vyktorya, Ka Zarr Coleman, Kecia A. Campbell, and Nikki Smallwood.

Although  competition screenings will focus on short and mico films , the fest debuts  David Smith's feature "Ladybeard" as the Friday evening keynote and "Faces in the Miror" will be featured on Saturday April 13, along with an organ concert, awards, and live entertainment.

Else Littlepage as 40s/50s movie star "Veronica Lake." She will be guest award presenter Saturday at the Festival.
Else Littlepage as 40s/50s movie star "Veronica Lake." She will be guest award presenter Saturday at the Festival.
Photo by Glen Berry

On Saturday, April 13, retro model Elsa Littlepage will serve as the guest presenter and master of ceremonies for the festival. She's has been featured on a calendar, fine photographic work of Huntington archetictural  landmarks, and soon will be drawn a DC/Marvel comic artist.

Joe Corneilus' documentary, "Over Home Songs from Madison County" screens at 5:30 p.m. Saturday. It explores the life of Sheila Kay Adams, a ballad singer from western North Carolina. She started learning the old love songs on her Granny’s porch in Sodom Laurel when she was five, and never looked back. Sheila’s family’s musical heritage, rooted in traditional Appalachian life, has sustained her, giving her strength to face the loss of that culture, the death of her husband, and the emotional trauma that followed.


Still struggling to overcome immense personal loss, Sheila teaches the old love songs to a new generation, insuring that this old mountain heritage lives on while giving younger people an age-old source of power and healing – music. Over Home shows us that while American traditions like this may be dying out, people like Sheila will fight that trend until their last breath. Ballad singing has changed, but through the lens of Sheila’s experience, we see there is hope for the future.


FRIDAY April 12, 2013 Keith Albee Theater—Huntington, WV


$5 Suggested Donation at door to support the Keith Albee Theater Organ Project, which has recently acquired the original Keith Albee organ now on display on the mezzanine.

5:15 PM   A Change Is Gonna Come                                   Short

5:22 PM   Learning Is As Ordinary As Eating Rice At Home     Short

5:35 PM   Restitution                                                 Short

6:00 PM   Hickory Lift                                                 Short

Over Home
Over Home

6:17 PM Think Twice Micro

6:28 PM Brothers Short

6:42 PM O Say Can’t You See  Micro

6:55 PM Weirdo Short

7:20 PM ROTFL Micro

7:30 PM Dance With My Father Short

7:45 PM Trace Around Your Heart Short

8:37 PM Oddney Strangerfield Short

9:00 PM Ladybeard  Feature


SATURDAY April 13, 2013 Keith Albee Theater—Huntington, WV


$5 Suggested Donation to support the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center and the Fisher House for Veteran Families, Rockville, MD 



5:00 PM Wurlitzer Organ Performance Dean McCleese

5:30 PM Over Home: Songs from Madison County    Documentary

6:15 PM Marshall University CoFA Student Works   Micro Films

7:00 PM Mr. Cool Willie Documentary

7:25 AM Trace Cherokee & the Stenders LIVE

8:30 PM Faces In The Mirror Feature


10:15 PM   The Heptanes LIVE