WVGOP Opposes Creation of New Office

Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

“It is unfortunate that the Acting Governor’s job creation proposal
includes only the creation of a single job – a new Constitutional

Rather than propose creating a single job, we propose creating
tens of thousands of West Virginia jobs through needed and essential
reforms to taxes and our courts. It is time we get the priorities in the
right order,” said Mike Stuart, Chairman of the West Virginia
Republican Party. “Rather than focus on their job security, the
politicians in Charleston need to focus on the job security of the
people of West Virginia.”

“There is a crisis of leadership in West Virginia today.  Growing government
and creating new political offices won’t put food on the table of any
unemployed family or pay the mortgage for a family in foreclosure,” said
Stuart. “Since this crisis began, we have called consistently for a
special election and real leadership.  The Acting Governor and
Legislature have thus far abdicated the responsibility to do the
business that is important to working families.”

“West Virginia needs more jobs, not more politicians in Charleston and bigger
government,” concluded Stuart.  “The priority must be returned to doing
the People’s Business.”