EDITORIAL: GOP's Bachmanns Not the Extremists Here

HNN Staff
EDITORIAL: GOP's Bachmanns Not the Extremists Here

Is it too much to ask the shrill liberal "pundits" at MSNBC to come up with a less predictable argument?  For too long now, the Lawrence O'Donnells, Rachel Maddows, and Chris Matthews of the world have had the tidy formula of "conservative = too extreme for America."  Trouble is, these bomb throwers keep lighting up issues that are like cheap cigars blowing up in their faces.  To wit:

The latest coordinated attack coming from the MSNBC gang involves Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and the successful mental health clinic business run by her husband, Marcus Bachmann. The Bachmanns have developed a highly successful mental health clinic business in Minnesota. By any estimate, the Bachmanns business enterprise has helped thousands of people work through their depression and other problems.

Among these other emotional issues the Bachmann clinicians have dealt with is the issue that simply won't go away in our culture:  homosexuality. Apparently, Marcus Bachmann has taken the approach that, if a gay person comes into their practice but has no interest in discussing their homosexuality, that is respected.  However, if an individual wants to discuss their homosexuality, including the possibility of leaving that lifestyle, the Bachmann clinicians are willing to discuss that with them, too.  The client is in the driver's seat, either way.

This, of course, is just the last straw for MSNBC hosts like Rachel Maddow, who apparently can't imagine a gay person ever wanting to leave that lifestyle.  But in fact, many thousands of Americans with this proclivity have sought help to change over the years.

Where are these people to go without clinics that remain open to such a discussion?  Oh, we forget: the MSNBC thought police instruct us that that we are to tell such folks that they need to celebrate the very issue that is giving them such anguish.  How easy!

Only MSNBC could find fault with a Minnesota clinic that is at least willing to listen compassionately to individuals who don't want anything as complicated as a physical change like Chaz Bono. Many of these folks just wonder about their relationship to themselves and to the opposite sex.

Frankly, the Bachmann clinic's practitioners ought to be touted for their continued willingness to hear their patients out and their honest attempt to understand their pain.  Their approach to treatment may not be for everyone, but, on the other hand, neither was the treatment given Chaz Bono.

If "live and let live" applies to Chaz Bono's complicated journey, shouldn't MSNBC extend that dictum to those individuals with homosexual tendencies who wish to go straight?

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