DEVOTION: Stubborn Resistence

by Beth Bondurant

HUNTINGTON, WV  (HNN) - Some jobs may seem impossible given the odds ... but unyielding hope keeps every adventure an anticipated potential.

Spring rains made it seem impossible to move the heavy piano easily out of the building since the truck had to be driven quite a distance over the soggy ground.

A season of dry weather slowly made the long awaited task a viable contingency... so "piano moving day" was set.

As always, life is a challenge.  Of course, the rains came down and the doubt flooded in.  Given the torrential weather during the night... would this planned movement truly "come to pass".

"Long enough, God— you've ignored me long enough. I've looked at the back of your head long enough. Long enough I've carried this ton of trouble, lived with a stomach full of pain."

The weight of the world sometimes puts life on hold and we wonder... how long we will be impassive... when will we be 'moved' again... what can set us free... who will come to our aid.  How can we be lifted into Shalom.

We cry out in stubborn hope... persistent faith... committed courage... cooperative hearts... living expectancy... God's Spirit moving and permeating every moment of every day.

Two stubborn men and two persistent women...surrounded by prayer... faith... hope and love... exemplifies... "with God...nothing is impossible".

Within an hour, hope translated into action and "moving day" prevailed.

O God, I am so very impatient.  I want immediate gratification of the things I think should be happening... right now!  Forgive me for jumping to conclusions about what is necessary or should be instantly acquired.  Indeed your wisdom and mercy has been from age to age and will always be... and I am but a speck in this ongoing amazing creation of love.  Help me, Lord, to learn what it means to wait ... to pray... to believe... to acknowledge... to confirm... to understand... to "give away" control and truly "hope in the Lord".  Thank you for loving us just like we are... for your patience and kindness in our lack of spiritual maturity and natural submission. We are most blessed that you provide us such evidence you are continually moving for good... even through our stubborn persistence.

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