WV Shot Film, "Miracle Boy," Wins Festival Top Prize

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WV Shot Film, "Miracle Boy," Wins Festival Top Prize

COLUMBIA, SC - "Miracle Boy" took the top prize at this year's Indie Grits film festival in Columbia, SC.

The film was shot entirely in Williamsburg, W.Va. It received support from the Greenbrier Valley Theater, WV Filmmakers Guild, the local community along with a mini-grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council.

Based on the short story by WV writer Pinckney Benedict, "Miracle Boy" tells the story of a group of young boys bullying another, causing one boy to risk his life to make up for it. The film was directed by Jake Mahaffy at the University of Aukland, NZ, and produced by Jason Brown, Assistant Professor at Valdosta State University. The film featured music by Tim Rutili.


"Miracle Boy" had its World Premiere at the Venice Film Festival last year and has played at various film festivals since, including four this past Saturday: the West Virginia International Film Festival, the Nashville Film Festival, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival and Indie Grits. It is next schedule to appear at the Maryland Film Festival in May.


Indie Grits, located in Columbia, SC, held its seventh annual festival this year supporting Southern film and art. Giving its top prize to a short film was such a rare occurrence, no one could verify if it had ever happened before.


"Miracle Boy" continues to play festivals across the country and needs support to do so. To learn about future screenings or how you can make a donation, visit MiracleBoy-Movie.com or Facebook.com/MiracleBoyMovie.

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