DEVOTION: Let Go and Let God

by Beth Bondurant

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) - Even in the smallest task, there can be trials and tribulation. Just getting all the garbage and trash together... day by day... week by week means a commitment of time and effort and may even mean lots of messy residue to follow.

With every celebration ...comes the reality of a mandated routine.


When new opportunities arise... responsibility follows.


Eating and sleeping require preparation and physical essentials.


Knowing and deciding what to do and when to do it becomes a constant demand. 


"In the world, let the wheat and the weeds grow together until harvest time."


O God...there are just too many decisions with every waking moment.  What is the right choice.  Where must I be today.  How can I complete this task.  Who should I trust. When will I ever learn the way you would have me to go.  Every minute seems filled with mandatory and careful discrimination and I so need wisdom and truth to guide my thinking and doing.  Deciding what is best isn't easy.  Choosing the right people to walk beside isn't always a clear cut matter.  I am troubled and befuddled much of my day when it comes to doing good... loving mercy... being kind and generous... and forgiving myself and others.  May your Spirit grow patience within me and enable me to let go and let God.


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