Student Denied Injunction Against Principal

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Student Denied Injunction Against Principal

Kanawha County Circuit Judge Duke Bloom has ruled that George Washington High School student Katelyn Campbell is not entitled to an injunction against principal George Aulenbacher for interference with her First Amendment rights pertaining to speaking about sex education.

The school previously held an abstinence only assembly,after which the student spoke to the press. The principal allegedly summoned her to the office to express his disappointment in her at not discussing the matter with him before going to the media. The principal then claims by analogy he compared this to a hypothetical situation where he would contact the college to which she has been admitted and told them she was a troublemaker.

In Judge Bloom’s ruling, he called the “analogy” an unfortunate choice by the principal. However, he deemed that the differences should be worked out with the Kanawha County School Board, not by the court system.

Ms. Campbell has appeared on CNN and “Seventeen” Magazine is currently publishing a story on the conflict. Charleston newspaper reports indicate that it is still not known who paid the $4,000 fee to theabstinence only speaker.

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