OP-ED: Calling Planet Earth: We Must Be Elsewhere

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
 Please indulge me a little.

  Unless you have a better handle on what’s happening in Washington, DC, the United Kingdom and the Middle East, I seem to be part of a growing army of the confused.  I will no doubt further confuse you by explaining what I mean.  If you are  so  confused, it will be due to your paying close attention.

 In Washington, DC, a group of earthlings, posing as the leaders of the United States of America and the free world, seem to be tossing about proposals and arguments as if not truly understanding our own economic Titanic is sailing toward the brink of doom.  Or is all this daily dispatch of political oratory a “cover” for the reality that a deal has been struck already, with the partisan performances nothing more than arm wrestling with the media to keep everyone totally confused and fearful?

 If you have an answer for that question, you are either part of this disgusting performance or simply wandering the same ideological desert as the rest of us.

Amid the battle for our economic  future, there is a drama that Shakespeare could not have conceived  featuring the most powerful controller in the world (at least on the earth planet) of what media information reaches you .   That includes as well what information from any government, foreign and domestic, wants to deploy.  Seems the Kingdom of Murdoch has taken over the power to reach beyond the law with the assumed right to snoop into areas forbidden to government in the UK and the United States of America.  Having admittedly “invested” tens of thousands to carry out this skullduggery, the King and his minions have the chutzpah to deny any knowledge it was going on!  The concept of “deniability” was fashioned so that the real powers of government, corporations and elsewhere could eliminate themselves from public blame, whatever the circumstance.

So that is the confusion related to the drama that began in UK and seemingly has  spread to our shores.

How are we doing with the confusion so far?

While all this has been making it possible for media to present real news for a change, the United States as the real leader of NATO has not only sponsored but expended untold sums of money and power to help overthrow our good buddy of yesterday Muamar Qaddafi of Libya.  We have been helping with this effort by putting unpublished and unauthorized armed assaults on the Libyan boss’ land through support of a group called “Rebels.”  Perhaps the people in power know who these ‘rebels’ really are and what they stand for, but they have failed to inform us taxpaying earthlings. 

We have neither names, nor resumes or much of anything else about these ‘rebels’, but by golly Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let us know that the American government has recognized these folks as acceptable diplomatic relatives.  Strangely this announcement came within days of another communication that the Arab world’s favorite PR outfit, Patton Boggs had signed on for a paltry monthly fee of $50K to represent the rebels with the big bucks to come when they -- courtesy of the so called rebels -- raid the Libyan treasury.

Even the dis-United Nations has not gone that far, nor has one single member of the media or Congress asked where on earth the money is coming from for the rebellions and the monthly retainers for Patton Boggs, now and in the future.

Are we still doing well with the confusion or do you really know what’s going on?

Tossed into this wonderful mix is the carefully infused campaign to gain support of partisan clowns for the 2012 elections when some of these folks will actually get elected….a frightening reality.

Somehow pushed to the background is the other reality that thousands of American men and women are daily exposed to wars we do not understand in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Yep, despite all the declarations of victory in Iraq, the bomb attacks continue, and we continue to shovel out massive defense contracts committed for the next several years despite alleged troop withdrawals and calls for reducing deficits.

All this is occurring as too many millions of Americans are out of work, with more than a few million put in that position more than a year ago.  Efforts to help those folks are branded as socialistic while bailouts and stimuli for corporate America have not prevented corporations from happily consuming the money.

 If universities attempted to pull all of these ingredients together for a specific course of study, they would not know where to put them.

I am often challenged to propose solutions when I raise problems like these. Actually, the term ‘problems’ does not do justice to these injustices as a description.

Representatives of business and industry recently quite legitimately demanded of the President and the Congress to:  “Do your job!”  As a businessman, I strongly endorse the demand.

Assuming there is still time for some coherent effort, the challenge has to go out to all citizens  at least to rise up vocally and in writing to the madness allegedly sane leaders have devised to strike fear into the hearts of us earthlings.

It is no longer a matter of Republicans and Democrats and that other group with the three cornered hats who want us to return to Revolutionary War days. Those folks only got the power they’re misusing because we put them there.  It is a citizen responsibility to impress upon these representatives the imperative need to withdraw us from unnecessary and unwinnable wars, resolve the means to keep America from defaulting financially and exercising restraint over those who have converted our media into propaganda mills.

Sometime ago, someone pointed out that an apathetic public can be the destroyer of democracy.  Those who choose to look the other way in all this confusion instead of fighting for clarity and honesty will simply reap what they have helped to sow….and ignored.

I promised to have you confused by all this with the hope you will not see just one or two heavily publicized issues as central, but the incredible lack of leadership that demands your involvement if things are to be put into some sort of  intelligent control.

Avoid your responsibilities at your peril…and that of the nice people you live and work with.

* * *  Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications, including www.huntingtonnews.net. This column was originally published in O'Dwyer's PR Report and is reprinted by permission.
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