Police Week Begins with Council Honoring Fallen K-9

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Police Week Begins with Council Honoring Fallen K-9
Huntington’s Police Week opened with a council resolution recognizing, Rolo, one of the city’s K-9 units who "collapsed and became unresponsive"  during a training exercise. Rio could not be resuscitated at a veterinary hospital.

Three K-9 “handlers” looked on, as City Clerk Barbara Nelson read the accomplishments of Rolo’s sniffing out illegal drugs, during his career as a Huntington officer .

According to the resolution, HPD K-9 Rio entered service on September 18, 2009, as a dual tracking and narcotics detection K-9. During service to the HPD, K-9 Rio alongside his handler, PFC Ronnie Lusk, was responsible for completing 50 suspect tracks, resulting in 17 suspect apprehensions. Over his career, K-9 Rio was also directly responsible for the detection and seizures of the following illicit drugs:

Cocaine 1412 grams
Heroin 400 grams
Marijuana 1942 grams
Opiates 1884 dosage units

Police Week Begins with Council Honoring Fallen K-9

Chief Holbrook stated in an earlier release, “K-9 Rio was a loyal and faithful K-9 to the HPD and the citizens of Huntington. K-9 Rio not only helped keep our officers safe, but was equally instrumental in our community drug eradication efforts. The HPD K-9 Unit currently has six other K-9’s in service. It is the intention of the department to immediately begin the process of replacing K-9 Rio and returning the K-9 Unit to its full compliment.”

Council  committed about $3,500 in micro-grant monies to help replace the animal with a newly trained one.

Outside, the officers showed HNN one of the four legged dogs that fight crime for a pat and a scratch.

On Wednesday, May 15, the Law Enforcement Memorial Day temperance begins at 11 a.m. at Harris Riverfront Park. Police Chief Skip Holbrook indicated that the city’s first officer to fall in the line of duty, Issac Mitchell, will be specifically honored. After years of searching, the department has located a photo of Mitchell which will be added to the fallen heroes wall.

The public is invited.

Police Week Begins with Council Honoring Fallen K-9

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