HNN Staff

Applications are now available for the 2011 West Virginia
Make It Shine Statewide Cleanup. This annual event is
jointly sponsored by the Department of Environmental
Protection and the Division of Highways.

During the first two weeks of April, the Make It Shine
program will provide resources such as cleanup materials,
waste hauling and landfill fees to community groups
volunteering to conduct litter cleanups on state streams or
public lands.

More than 3,000 West Virginia citizens participated in last
year’s statewide cleanup. These volunteers removed close to
190 tons of litter and over 3,000 discarded tires from our
state’s landscape.

The application deadline for those wishing to participate
this year is Feb. 18, 2011. Applications are available
through contacting Travis Cooper of the Make It Shine
Program at 1-800-322-5530, or by email at: Applications may also be downloaded
via the net at: Click on REAP under the
Land section on the homepage.