OP-ED: If Only the Real NATO Had the Murdoch PR Army Strategy

By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Let's face it:  the Nato-like army of highly paid PR outfits is doing a smashing job of deflection for Murdoch, the "poor old guy" so beset with nastiness from even unlikely places.  We are left to believe that millions of pounds paid out to keep even fired reporters quiet along with other interesting parties to "don't ask don't tell" seem to have occurred with not one damned exec bothering to tell either the auditors or the bosses their money was being tossed around so loosely.

So perhaps the bookkeepers asked someone like Our Ms Brooks, “How should we show these expenses on the books”?Certainly a natural question, right?  But wait, the redoubtable but never doubting man with the “factor”, Mr O’Reilly of FOX fame, who certainly knows on which side his toast is buttered, has now proclaimed the whole assault on the Kingdom of Murdoch is…wait for it…a “Left Wing” exploitation!

Now, why on earth did you not know that right off the bat?  Of course it’s a bunch of…ugh…Left Wingers demanding to know why cops and MP’s are being bribed, why fired employees get tons of dough simply not to tell what they knew and why they were fired.  You certainly do not think patriotic Right Wingers would want to know about such activities, would you?

 If you believe this claptrap, I want you to know that James Bond and Harry Potter will shortly star on Broadway in a  comedy musical on a revised  Alice in Wonderland, starring Hulk Hogan and Regis Philbin! No one has yet asked how many millions are being paid to the PR army led by Edelman et al.  But then the amount would be something Murdoch does not know since he does not dabble in mere millions doled out by his minions on things he never heard of. Where is Mr. Rogers with such a wonderful day in the neighborhood? 

Stay tuned for the moment King Murdoch starts to shed a tear or two, with wife and son gathered around. 

Then watch for tv interviews of that standup (apparently of of work) comic who dumped the dangerous shaving foam on Murdoch who seemed properly calm and ready to shed coat and answer in shirt and tie.  Was it not amazing that his gorgeous and very young wife suddenly became the feature of news stories while Traffic Director Joel Klein sat almost motionless as the alleged “assault” was played out, and while Murdoch’s son hardly dashed to his father’s rescue.? 

He did of course show some carefully rehearsed appearance of shock.As the saga continues, it would be fun and instructive to find out how those accountants and bookkeepers hid those admitted bribes and other payoffs and how the UK tax folks hardly blinked at such stuff. 

 On the other hand, with the two top Scotland Yard blokes now off the job, we may begin to see who spills the beans first.Is this the eventual stuff of a new tv series or what?  Stay tuned.   

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 Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications, including www.huntingtonnews.net. This column was originally published in O'Dwyer's PR Report and is reprinted by permission.
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