UPDATED LINK: Nuclear Ruin Awaits at Paducah

Updated 9 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant will cease purchasing electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority at midnight May 31.

That, according to an article by Geoffrey Sea, opens another nuclear nightmare, this time in Western Kentucky. It's also a public/private federal financial billion dollar wasteful money pit.

Sea has written in EcoWatch, "Disaster is about to strike in western Kentucky, a full-blown nuclear catastrophe involving hundreds of tons of enriched uranium tainted with plutonium, technetium, arsenic, beryllium and a toxic chemical brew."

Note: It only takes 6 kg of Pu 239 to make a Hiroshima sized bomb.

Cleaning up the waste in Kentucky may continue for eons. "Maybe in 4047," Sea told HNN.

Not coincidentally, the Paducah plant is operated by the United States Enrichment Corporation, which has been cleaning up the Portsmouth site. USEC is about to be delisted on the New York stock exchange, which Sea says, will leave tax payers holding the debt  for a failed experiment in peaceful use of nuclear waste materials.

For Sea's full article on the ramifications at the Kentucky Diffusion plant, click: