ANALYSIS: Williams Shares “Field of Dreams” Vision on Marshall Sports Internet Site

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ANALYSIS: Williams Shares “Field of Dreams” Vision on Marshall Sports Internet Site

Considering that he is President of the “M” (Athletic Scholarship) Club, a former member of the “Young Thundering Herd,” and supports Marshall University’s contribution as “multi-dimensional” through athletics, arts and academics, Mayor Steve Williams passionately champions his Alma mater and the city. 

Detailing a determination for a baseball stadium near the university, Williams told Herd Zone that he envisions “an Indianapolis type of feel” through what I’ll call “if you build it, they will come” athletic facilities.

The facilities themselves open doors to regional and national events  that, along with artistic endeavors such as jazz and blues festivals, will bring visitors to the City.

“You have to be well-rounded. You have the intellectual, the spiritual, the physical … need to be able to draw on the arts as well as on the athletic side of things”, he told Jack Bogaczyk.

You can view the whole interview at:

One tidbit for non-sports fans, the Mayor envisions the stadium on the property between Flint Pigments and ACF, an area previously discussed by Huntington council when a Kentucky development firm proposed a public/private port development utilizing private investment and  state stimulus money.

That project did not go forward. But the Mayor sees himself as a progress now deal maker.  He’s targeting funds President Obama has laid aside for cities with vacant industrial property. And, would potentially include a research park between Third Avenue and the Ohio River.  

His vision could eliminate Third and Fifth Avenue sewer overflow flooding by constructing retention ponds for the water on redeveloped properties financed through a potential TIF designation.

With a smile, the Mayor in the interview revealed a determination that the “field of dreams” baseball stadium rise before he leaves office.

When will that be?

“If people don’t get sick of me that can be 12 years", Williams told Herd Zone.

Guess that depends on how many tarnished jewels (such as the improvements at the Keith Albee Performing Arts Center) and proposed “diamonds” ( baseball stadium, research park, filmmaking destination) that the man of seemingly limitless energy, passions, and praise can in his own words “be “created  by design and not by happenstance”.

Mayor Steve will need more than bench-sitters as he hustles for progress.And, lots of open minds anticipating “good” changes, not bad ones.

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