HNN Staff

TUSCON, ARIZ (HNN) – A surgeon has told a news conference that they “very optimistic” about Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford's  recovery from the head wound received at a Safeway store. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords had been meeting with constituents when a gunman opened fire.

Surgeon's have reported that Giffords is responding to commands.

Federal Marshall’s have confirmed that Bush appointed Federal Judge John Roll has died from wounds received at the Safeway store. . Judge Roll had presided over a $32 million civil rights suit filed by illegal immigrants. Roll ruled the suit against an Arizona rancher could go forward in federal court.


He and others had received death threats.


In addition, there are confirmed reports that an aide to Congresswoman Giffords has also died.

The hospital has confirmed that a nine year old was also killed in the shooting spree. They have five victims in critical condition.


One arrest has been made; there are unconfirmed reports from FOX News that a second suspect has been arrested.