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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Filmmakers Guild is pleased to announce its 2013 Spring Meeting at Trifecta Productions 555 Fifth Avenue, Huntington WV on June 22, 2013 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  Anyone interested in filmmaking or working in the film industry is invited and encouraged to attend.

The business portion of the Guild meeting will be immediately followed by workshops featuring presentations by several native filmmakers. First to present will be JT Arbogast and Kimberly Dilts, who recently completed the feature film Angel’s Perch,, which was filmed in Cass, WV.  Angel's Perch will have its world premiere on June 23 during FestivALL in Charleston. Second to speak is Brad Bear, a producer and editor on the documentary Where's the Fair,, which recently won the Best Documentary Award at the Cape Fear Independent Film Festival. The guest speakers will share their experiences making their films and will conclude with questions from the audience.

The event will also include a tour of Trifecta Productions and its studio, a social networking hour, and Open Projector Night, where Guild members are invited to screen up to 3-10 minutes of works in progress, depending on the number of entries.  The Guild will also launch its new website at this event.  Dinner will be provided.

“By teaming up with Trifecta Productions and the West Virginia Film Office, the Guild hopes to generate new membership by encouraging filmmakers to join," says current Guild President Tom Heckman. “As an organization, we are hoping to expand this year with more workshops and have a much stronger online presence in the state." Heckman says the Guild wants people everywhere to know that if you earn your living in the film industry, want to learn more about filmmaking, or just want to reach out to others who are in the craft with similar interests, then a Guild membership can help provide information that may prove helpful in building a career in the film industry or expand your knowledge of how to make better films.”

Guild events are open to all members in good standing, and new members are welcome to join by paying dues at the door.  Membership dues are $25 annually for individuals, and $10 a year for students. Corporate memberships are $50.  Dues may also be paid on the website or during any Guild function.

 The West Virginia Filmmakers Guild, formed in 1982 by the late and legendary native West Virginia filmmaker, Robert Gates, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that unites both professionals and hobbyists who either earn their living from the industry or who like to experiment with the filmmaking process.  The organization acts as a networking hub and education center for anyone who works in the field or for anyone who is interested in having their work known on a broader basis.  The Guild is also open to students, and also acts as a fiscal sponsor for those seeking grant-based or other financial opportunities for the production of their film projects.

 More details on the Guild meeting can be found by visiting the website

You can also email the Guild at

The Spring Meeting coincides with a Production Assistant Training Seminar being held the same weekend at Trifecta. The PATS workshop is sponsored by the West Virginia Film Office, the Huntington Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, the Greater Huntington Convention and Visitors Bureau, and is endorsed by the Guild. For more information on the PATS workshop seminar, contact Lisa Wells at the West Virginia Film Office or by emailing her at

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