By Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick
Joseph J. Honick

Within a month or so, the United Nations will have before it a craftily, expensively and stubbornly promoted effort to establish a Palestinian state along the lines of the end of the 1967 Six-Day War.  This was a war fought by the State of Israel against not one but several Arab states of much larger size even individually.

That there ought to be an independent Palestinian State has hardly been disputed even by Israel, but in the words of the old time salesman “It ain’t whatcha do; it’s how you do it that counts!”

And it is in the “how” where the conflict and tomfoolery lie.

Apart from the reality that not one single Arab state gave a hoot about the stateless Palestinians for untold centuries, until Israel became a reality in spite of Arab unified assault to prevent even the birth of the state, there are additional hypocrisies that have been carefully glossed over courtesy of some well paid PR operations.

  Among other things, the UN response to assassination of Israeli Olympic athletes was quite short and hardly sweet but certainly bereft of much indictment of the sponsors of that terror.

   When Palestinian terrorists, raided a school in Ma’a lot, Israel, killing two score kids and others, it was a comparative blip in the operations of the UN.

When old men at prayer in Paris, and a cripple on the Achille Lauro pleasure ship were likewise slain, the UN had other business to do.

  But just a few years ago, and despite his baldfaced involvement in the PanAm airline disaster that killed a couple of hundred innocent travelers and his reneging on compensation to victims’ families, the hypocritical UN, with the warm assistance of Messrs Tony Blair and George Bush, proudly welcomed Muammar Qadaffi back to what was termed the “family of nations” and even put Libya on the Human Relations Council.


Throughout all these hypocricies, most of the UN was quite happy to offer resolution after resolution to punish Israel which survived, won innumerable Nobel and other rewards for contribution to the world and must now confront a new piece of nonsense in September.

 It is not as if the Palestinians will benefit from the cunning and heavily promoted idea of an independent state with much of the operational and financial aspects out of their control by nations who used those folks pretty much as slave labor for centuries.  Resistance to and veto of such an effort in the UN by the United States will only put us once more in a difficult position as we work to solve our own problems.

 There is of course much more to the saga, but, at the end, if we ever see one, the UN will look like anything “united” and more like a Unified and Hypocritical combination with a singular prejudice it is determined to inflict.  And all this happens as the hypocrisy that warmly welcomed Qaddafi back to the “family” now wants him tossed out, perhaps indicted for crimes, and welcomes a “rebel” group whose goals, identity and leadership are unknown to anyone apparently but topsiders at our State Department and only a few others.

But guess who pays the  most into that UN budget.  If you are an American taxpayer, you know the answer.

                                                             * * *     Joseph J. Honick is an international consultant to business and government and writes for many publications, including