by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter

HUNTINGTON, WV (HNN) – Although one of Huntington City Council’s first actions will be to vote on a new chairman, current chairman Jim Insco told HNN that the city through November had revenue and expenditures that were “on pace for where they should be.” He stressed his assessment that “we are ok” comes from his own personal research and he did not speak on behalf of anyone else.


Although Insco is not a member of the Finance Committee, it coincided with a preliminary statement by Finance Chairman Steve Williams.


In other business, council will vote on passage of business and occupation tax incentives for large construction projects that annex or build into the city. The one-time tax credit would grant 50% off for three years on projects exceeding a $5 million dollar threshold that hired a minimum of 20 new construction workers.


“We’ve got a couple of construction projects which makes me happy,” Insco said. “One large one may start in the Spring.”


Two other second readings will be votes on contracts, including one for the purchase of natural gas and another for random alcohol and drug testing of eligible city employees.


Councilwoman Frances Jackson indicated that the agenda includes an ordinance that would move the Good and Welfare segment back to the beginning of the agenda.  Currently, the open microphone portion comes at the end of the meeting. Moving it would permit individuals and groups to make their statements to council without having to sit through the full meeting.