Huntington High Army JROTC Students Excel at Junior Cadet Leadership Camp

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Huntington High School is congratulating the Highlandecadets who completed U.S. Army Cadet Command's Junior Cadet Leadership Camp held at Camp Dawson, West Virginia June 8-13, 2013.

The cadetcompletean obstacle course; learned how to prepare anusone-ropand two rope bridges; made an actuastream crossing using a one-ropbridge; received marksmanship training; went througthe army leader reactiocourse; receivewatesurvival training; went through orienteering coursewent up rock wall; and rappelled from a 60 foot tower.

Meeting thchallengwere

·       Cadet Ryan Adkins

·       Cadet Josh Chappelle

·       Cadet Sara Clark

·       Cadet Zach Holley

·       Cadet Ronnie Leffingwell

·       Cadet Casey Milby

·       Cadet Ian Preston

·       Cadet Tracey Price

·       Cadet Nikolas Roy

Cadets Ryan Adkins and Ronnie Leffingwell werrecognizefor outstanding leadership and performance athleadereaction course.

Cadet Tracey price was recognized for outstanding leadership and performance at both the leader reaction course and the obstacle course.

Cadets Joshua Chappelland Sara Clark werrecognizefotheir personal courage during the camp period.

Cadet Zachary Holley was recognized for his leadership durinthe camp period.

For more information, please contact Major Paul Clark by calling (304) 528-6426 or by email at


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