Undercover HPD Prostitution Related Sting nets 36 Arrests

Updated 10 years ago From Press Release

As a result of numerous citizen complaints, the HPD initiated a focused enforcement effort targeting prostitution related violations occurring in and around the Sixth Avenue area, between 2nd Street and 6th Street, in Huntington.

This focused enforcement effort concentrated on females engaged in acts of prostitution, as well as the male “customer”, frequenting the Sixth Ave. area, soliciting persons for sexual acts in exchange for money.

Beginning in the middle of March, officers conducted undercover operations which resulted in the issuance of 29 prostitution related warrants, 17 arrests for prostitution violations. Of those 17 arrests, six (6) were for 3rd Offense

Prostitution, four (4) were for 2nd Offense Prostitution, six (6) were for 1st Offense Prostitution (five adults and one juvenile), and one (1) subject was charged with Pimping for Prostitution of a Juvenile.

In May, officers began undercover reverse sting operations focused on male “customers” who were soliciting women for acts of prostitution. As a result of these reverse sting operations, 19 male suspects have been issued arrest citations and have been scheduled to appear in the City of Huntington Municipal Court.

Chief Holbrook stated, “As we continue to address the prostitution problem in our community, our goal is to identify and assist those in need of drug addiction related services, incarcerate those who repeatedly engage in prostitution, and hold accountable the male ‘customers’ who are exploiting vulnerable and often times drug addicted women”.

Officers are currently looking for several individuals wanted on prostitution related charges. This focused enforcement effort remains ongoing.

Prostitution Reversal Arrests

1. William G. Ritton, 54 of West Hamlin, WV

2. Ralph Waldon Bauman II, 38 of Huntington, WV

3. Brian Steven Peliwo, 44 of Barboursville, WV

4. Hal Simpkins, Jr., 37 of Huntington, WV

5. Cody Aaron Hanley, 23 of Huntington, WV

6. Jerry Everett Dunbrack, 48 of Huntington, WV

7. Sean Scott Harbour, 29 of Huntington, WV

8. Merrill Eugene Harrison, 75 of Huntington, WV

9. Travis Lee Hudnall, 28 of Huntington, WV

10. Claude N. Whitt, 42 of Ashland, KY

11. Troy J. Donahoe, 31 of South Point, OH

12. Darrell E. Blake, Jr., 35 of Chesapeake, OH

13. Michael Lee Whitley, 30 of Proctorville, OH

14. Duke Orlando Geary, 29 of Kenova, WV

15. Chai Weston Moore, 30 of Huntington, WV

16. Franklin E. Waller, 47 of Fort Gay, WV

17. Carl David Clay, 50 of Huntington, WV

18. Michael E. DeMarco, 42 of South Point, OH

19. James Bradley Dalton, 35 of Huntington, WV


Prostitution Arrests

1. Celeste K. Pierce, 34 of Huntington, WV

2. Allison M. Edwards, 25 of Huntington, WV

3. Brooke L. Moore, 31 of Huntington, WV

4. Natasha L. Estep, 29 of Kenova, WV

5. Courtney L. Webb, 23 of Huntington, WV

6. Karen E. Bennett, 30 of Huntington, WV

7. Penny S. Schmelter, 35 of Huntington, WV

8. Alecia D. Kay, 22 of Huntington, WV

9. Maria D. Birchfield, 41 of Huntington, WV

10. Danielle N. Landis, 22 of Huntington, WV

11. Stacy E. Gilpin, 40 of Huntington, WV

12. Unknown Juvenile

13. Kelly J. Stickler, 32 of Huntington, WV

14. Samantha E. Canterbury, 34 of Kenova, WV

15. Amber N. Billups, 27 of Huntington, WV

16. Debra L. Thacker, 33 of Huntington, WV

Pimping for Prostitution Arrests

1. Eric L. Evans, 34 of Cleveland, OH