LOCAL MUSIC: Coyotes in Boxes --- "and Curtis and Fox"

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LOCAL MUSIC: Coyotes in Boxes --- "and Curtis and Fox"

Intelligent: that is a word that comes to mind when describing the well-layered sound of alternative folk band Coyotes In Boxes. The Huntington, West Virginia indie band has crafted a debut CD of catchy and thoughtful songs.

The kicks off with the impressive "Angels", a well-written song with layered vocals and an unique percussion arrangement. The phrase "say what you will but I won't turn back my gate", echoes over and over hauntingly and etches the song forever into your memory. Although the song is not loud or fast and furious the well-structured production, lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation forge a powerful effect and a emotionally powerful song.

"Funeral Sounds" is a simple, melodic and catchy tune. The lyrics are dark but are delivered in a very cheerful manner. The choroid concludes with "I don't know where to begin, I don't know where to begin- I am a murderer". Though the song may cover a dark topic, it does so in finger-snapping fashion. The real gem, though, is "Words". This masterpiece sounds like a cross between REM and current indie darlings Fleet Foxes. The song has an instantly catchy melody that recalls the innocent naivety of 60's pop music.

"Rocking Horse Winner" is another standout and an uptempo track with a little more rock injected into it.  

This is an impressive, intelligent debut from Coyotes in Boxes. And Curtis And Fox is the name of this excellently produced CD, look for it on critics list at the end of the year for one of the top indie releases of 2013.


After nearly five years, West Virginian thrash metal band Byzantine comes blasting back out of the West Virginian mountains with their fourth CD. It is obviously evident by the thunderous opener "Which Light Should Never Penetrate" that the and has not lost any power in it's absence.

The band has matured and their songs appear to be more structured. Their first single from the self-entitled album, "Signal Path" is an intelligent time that is more progressive than in the past as vocalist Chris OJ Ojeda's voice appeared more melodic around the sharp riffs.

"Soul Eraser" is a groove-heavy stomper that is another standout. Byzantine is truly back with perhaps their best yet. This CD takes their heavy southern groove thrash sound and adds more melody and tones the Ocala down just a notch and continues their trademark sharp instrumentalism.

Fast and powerful, Byzantine adds maturity and structure without sacrificing the qualities that gained them international recognition. Byzantine does West Virginia proud once again.

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