No Pay Raises this Year for Cabell County Deputies

Updated 4 years ago HNN Staff

Cabell County Sheriffs Deputies will not receive a raise this year, according to Nancy Cartmill, Cabell County Commission president.

The commission, which met Thursday, July 27 at the Cabell County Courthouse, will be reviewing the budget and is considering a possibility of a raise in 2014. “It will be looked into for next year”, Cartmill said. She's concerned about the final tabulations which the commission must pay for Western Regional Jail costs.

Commissioner Bob Bailey made a motion to approve the requested $1,000 raises for 42 deputies. There was not a second, however.

The commission unanimously passed the Cabell County EMS and the Emergency Response Center 2013-2014 operating budgets.The EMS budget goes upward about $1 million dollars, while the Response Center increases about $170,000.

With the approval of these budgets, the Commission approved the hiring of Valery Michelle Whitney, as a full time paramedic. Bryce McKee, Amanda Smith, Tabitha Perez, Corina Smith, Randi Tawney, Jennifer Lusher, and Craig Adkins were hired as per diem EMT’s.

The Cabell County Planning Commission now has seven members including Commissioner Bob Bailey, Tim Miline, Charles Crow, Cheryl Brown, Tony Martin, Kim Cooper, and Connie Gray.

In addition, the Commission approved the JAG grant which will be awarded jointly to the City of Huntington and Cabell County. The county will use their $16,362 to purchase a vehicle. Huntington City Council on Monday approved the city’s portion.

Judy Rule, director of the Cabell County library, provided an update on construction of the new branch at Cox Landing. The project likely will begin in September. The current facility located in the former Cox Landing Middle School has stone falling off the exterior.

Rule explained to that a new Cabell County Public Library website will be launched in July 2013. Ebooks and music downloads are available at the website, .

By approving unanimously agenda items (except one probate related) , the commission gave a thumbs up to a more cost effective case management system for the Cabell County Prosecutor’s Office.


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